Roles and Permissions

A role defines what permissions and access a user has whilst using Interact. The most common examples are the roles of Student and Teacher in the context of a Course Page.

Role Access/Restrictions
Students Students can view Course Pages, submit work and work through any activities that may be on the Course Page but are unable to see hidden content or edit activities.
Non-Editing Teachers Non-editing Teachers can see hidden content on the Course page, but are unable to edit anything.
Teachers Teachers can edit Course Pages by adding or removing activities, as well as being able to view hidden content.
Administrators Administrators run Interact. They can see every page, edit every page, add new pages as well as delete them, assign roles and access the general settings of the site.

Teachers can assign the Teacher role to other members of staff they wish to manage the course page. They can also assign the Non-Editing Teacher or Student roles to staff and students.

Interact - Turn Editing On

This is the view a teacher will have when looking at a course page. Only a user who has been assigned the Teacher role will see the Turn editing on button. Clicking this button will open up options for adding or editing the course content.