About Interact

Interact is an online learning platform used to support teaching and learning at Nottingham College.

You can access Interact direct via: interact.nottinghamcollege.ac.uk

By using Interact teaching staff can provide access to course materials such as presentations, handouts, reading lists, web links, audio and video to College students. Interact can also be used to facilitate group discussions, chats, wikis and blogs; whilst also being used for submitting assignments.

Interact can support both learning that takes place face-to-face, and learning that is delivered at distance with limited teacher - student interaction.

Notingham College Interact

Powered By Moodle

Interact is a Moodle based learning platform.

Moodle powers tens of thousands of learning environments globally with user numbers of more than 90 million worldwide.

So if you're already familiar with Moodle, you're well on the way to being familiar with Interact.