Activities and Resources

NOTE: The following instruction is relevant to College staff ONLY.

Your Interact Course Page is going to look pretty barren and empty without Activities and Resources populating it, no matter how nicely displayed and organised your Sections are. Luckily, adding Activities and Resources are super easy.

Inside of the Section that you want to add an item to, select the Add activity or resource button at the bottom right:

Add Activity/Resource

You can move the Acitivity or Resource from one Section to another if you create it accidentally in the wrong one.

You'll then be given a list of Activities and Resources to choose from:

Activity/Resource Picker

The Activities may use are:

Assignment A task that your students will upload work to so you can view it
Chat A space where you and Students can have a real-time, text-based, discussion
Choice Ask a question that your students can answer
Database Collect and maintain a collection of records
External Tool Interact with Learning Resources and Activities on other sites
Feedback A survey for collecting feedback from Students
Forum A space to have discussions over a longer period of time
Glossary Create and maintain a list of definitions
Lesson A linear set of content pages and questions
Quiz An automatically marked quiz which contains a variety of question types
Survey A survey to gather data from Students
Wiki A collaborative collection of web pages
Book A multi-page resource with bookmarks etc.
File Upload a file
Folder Create a folder in which you can store several files
Label Insert content onto your Course Page, rather than inside of it's own activity
Page An editable web page
URL Create a web link as a resource

Creating the Activity/Resource

Once you've chosen which Activity or Resource you want to add, you'll be directed to a page with multiple options and settings on. Whilst not covering every option in detail here, we'll look over the most common options that appear:


The name and description for your Activity/Resource.


The content that will fill out, be the large part of your Activity/Resource.


Whether or not you want to display the Activity/Resource description on your Course Page and how you'd like the Activity/Resource to open (in a new window, the same window etc.)

Common Module Settings

If you want the Activity/Resource to be shown or hidden on your Course Page.

Restrict Access

If you want to lock the Activity/Resource until another activity has been completed or until a specific time and date.

Activity Completion

Setting how the Activity/Resource will be marked as complete.

Once you've set all your options, simply press Save and return to course or Save and display to finish.